Notes are a continuation of mailing cards.  Write notes.  Leave them anywhere or give them to someone who has made your day better.  Hand written thank yous are almost a thing of the past , but again,  taking the time to do it is a give and receive proposition.  It slows you down enough to receive pleasure while writing it and it gives thanks to the one who did the deed.  Use the same plan of recycling and a little creativity and have fun at it.  If you have a family at home, this could be a whole family time activity, sitting down together and making a bunch of cards to have on hand.  Use some of that recycled printer paper and write affirmations or words of gratitude on them and leave them where someone will find them.  Have fun with the whole idea.  I know you have lots of creative ideas.  Add them to the comments.  Inspire me to do more as well.

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