Sharing a snap shot of the after party that is my Hag matters. Thanks to the lovely Jo Laurie I have been printing and scrubbing, layering going through pages and pages of a new A3 sketchbook creating the most wonderous textures, pressing pages together and on and on. What came through for me was these worn scratchy textures, worn and edged that showed all the marks the history and I began to think about my body, the skin as it is softening of the tended and mended hag. Iโ€™ve been adding bits of fabric, darned and mended, threadbare and tattered to my journal no idea where itโ€™s going with my earthy paints but itโ€™s a joyous discovery to have made.

Benefits of Earthworms

Earthwormsย remove surface debris and fungal spores from the garden; they clean the garden of unwanted organic materials. Earthworms eat their own weight in organic matter and soil each day. A pound of earthworms eat a pound of organic matter and soil each day. Earthworms turn soil into humus improving soil structure.

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