Mail a card snail mail.  It’s so easy to send a Happy Birthday on Facebook these days, or text a thinking of you but it is not the same as snail mail. Yes, I know, cards have gotten so expensive and people just throw them away and the next thing you know you are contributing to tree anhilation and global warming.  The answer to that?  Create your own.  Take an hour one day a month, or a year, and create a pile of little notecards for any occasion.  Or find some at the thrift store or a yard sale.  Or recycle and make collaged ones out of your junk mail or magazines.  Don’t want to have to buy stamps or find someone’s address, drop some cards with uplifting messages at a nursing home and let them distribute them to people who would like to get some mail.   Send someone, anyone, a card for any reason.  You don’t even have to sign it.  Send it anonymously and they may get two or three days of goodness thinking about it and wondering who cared.

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