A-Z Done

Happy May Day!  The weather is gorgeous and the A-Z Challenge is over.  Just in time.  I have been neglecting the gardens to find time to write.  It is time to get out there and get everything ready to go as Mother’s Day is almost here. (Rule of thumb, as you might remember, is don’t plant till after Mother’s Day; though,some years I question that and think it should be after Fourth of July).

Now I understand why it took me a year to decide to try this A-Z Challenge again.  I love it and have met more great people through it.  The down side is I tend to rebel against anything I feel I have to do; like house work, for example.  The hardest part was to stay on the letters of the alphabet and the theme at the same time.  My mind seems to be the wandering sort and before you know it I would would forget to write about the first five  apple blossoms in the tree I planted and be thinking about alligators or armadillos.

Hope you enjoyed the walk around Mist Mountain.

Through this whole month I have also been working on the Mary Magdalene workshop and have almost completed my latest one.  Here she is (subject to a few more changes):



One thought on “A-Z Done”

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge 🙂 When my mind wanders off topic, I jot down any useful ideas and there’s a potential blog post for a later date!

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