Another List

What do the following things have in common?

John Sebastian’s band

adjusting a barometric damper


Frost crystals

Knit Picks

Bubble Run in Hartford, Ct


Steam Engines

Porcupine Animal Tracks

The internet.  This list is just some of the things I have gone searching for answers about in just the past week.  I am not sure if having this much information at my fingertips is good (education) or bad (fills my head with so much data it leaves me no room to remember what I am supposed to be doing).

I think the Bubble Run was from a post from a great niece.  It piqued my interest so , of course, I had to find out more.  Sure enough, once a year there are thousands that show up to run through bubbles and the entry fee goes to a charity.  Yes, it can be checked out at what else but .  Absolutely amazing.

I love learning new things.


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