Some More Thoughts

It’s a new world out there. As I enter into the unknown, I intend it to be another incredible journey. I am in search of role models and lifestyles that inspire me to create these crone-ing years into something wonderful.
There doesn’t seem to be a map, but there are signs along the way. I just must pay more attention to them. I’ve always known I need to follow my gut feelings and now it is even more important.
I think this whole ageing thing is headed toward much more spiritual work. My spirit, not the church’s, not society’s, not any other person’s, but my personal soul, my fire, and joy.
Coming of crone-ing age is freedom to explore, appreciate, enjoy, and power to release the clutter of worry and expectation.
Can I intend to be happy everyday and make it so?
Can I choose what will make me the happiest and follow through with those choices everyday?
Can I insist on what brings joy and do it everyday?
Can I really live by my own personal beliefs without being swayed into what someone else thinks I should be doing?
I am not saying do whatever bizarre thing I can think of, but following my inner needs and beliefs instead of trying to please the world (or save it) at the expense of my own priorities.
Being raised to be a “good girl” in my day meant always trying to please everybody else. It meant feeling guilty if you even thought of yourself at all. That was considered selfish and for a “good girl” being selfish would absolutely ruin your life and doom you to hell.
Now, after nurturing family and friends for years, I realize it is time to nurture myself in the same loving manner. No one else can do the inner soul work for me, it is my responsibility to make sure I take care of myself.
It is time to fan those soul embers back into roaring flames; kindle the passion in new directions, get that light bright enough to be seen for many miles.
I want to shine in a way that gives me the warm fuzzy feeling all day long, all year long, all life long.

My first step in this direction – When asked if I thought we should go find somewhere to eat, I said, “Yes, and I would like Chinese!”. In the years B.C. (Before Crone-ing), I would have said, “I don’t know, what do you want to do? What do you think? I don’t care.”

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