My prayer inspired by Shiloh Sophia ‘s inspiration to step out there.

Sweeping Out the Corners

I let the heaviness lift out, be gone

I pray out loud

I pray in painted dots

I sweep out the corners

And scrub the decks.

Move along, return to where you came from.

Thank you.

There are new things I need to make room for.

Yes, I know, you’ve been here a long while.

Yes, I know,you held me down, tethered me to the Earth

So I wouldn’t float away


Burst into a million pieces.

You served me at the time

Now I need the space

For new energy, begone the old

Your energy has become so heavy it cannot even be called

Energy anymore, just weight. I let you go,

Heaviness, be gone, out of the corners,

Making room, making space to fan the flame

To live in paradox:

Even in troubled times my heart can hold light, feel light,

Be the light.

Love and be loved.

Yes, it is inevitable,

I will be hurt, betrayed, left alone again, the heaviness of

The world will sit on my shoulders trying to seep in through

The cracks,

But with space for my heart to breathe, it can recover, see

The colors, feel the love, hold the sacredness and beauty of

Life itself – enough to heal, enough to share, enough to

Continue on.

I clear out the heaviness and despair making room for hope

And miracles, filling the cracks with gold, making beautiful


I open the windows of my mind and my heart to let the

mysteries of the Universe in.

Fill me with those energies so that I may continue to move

Forward with the awesome responsibility of keeping this

Human alive so this soul and heart may walk this Earth.

Thank you that which I no longer need for leaving.

Thank you for the new space.

Welcome the light.




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