Task Completed

Molly, our Zentangle teacher, from tanglelove.com, bought a large wooden letter and zentangled it, and sent me the picture of her completed project.  I was very inspired and remembered that somewhere in my stashed treasures I had some wooden letters.  When my grandson was only a few months old, I bought the letters to paint and put on his bedroom wall.  He is now 10 and I have finally completed them.  Yay and Yay!

I would not recommend waiting so long to finish a project, but the length of time it has taken seems to directly “blow out of proportion” my feeling of accomplishment.  I am definitely feeling “happy dance fever” over this one.

mist mountain 005

I am even considering doing it for all 10 grandkids for Christmas/Solstice, but haven’t made a final decision yet.  The thing about making all gifts is you have to plan and get started even earlier than when you finally started thinking about it.  I know that sentence is confusing, but if you project like I do, you know exactly what it means.  No time is soon enough.

Almost completed projected also at hand.  She needs shoes and I am working on a pinafore.   She is 100% natural fibers.

mist mountain 004

3 thoughts on “Task Completed”

    1. Celine, the Zentangling takes no talent for drawing. Anyone can do it. Go to Zentangles.com and try it. See lots of patterns at tanglepatterns.com Sammy D. at Bemuzin.com got me inspired to try and I haven’t stopped yet.

  1. Oh my gosh you’ve been busy, and I know EXACTLY what that sentence means! The letters are awesome – they will look so cool on his wall. And that doll is too cute – especially the chic little scarf around her neck. Big smiles here in my chair 🙂

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