I first tried Facebook pages to work on my new journey of putting my thoughts
somewhere other than my head. It didn’t feel right for a number of reasons.
Then I found WordPress. It felt right. Before blogging I was very into developing
various web pages for selling my hand crafts. Blogs seemed the next step for my mind
I started with sowhoegrowandknow.wordpress.com to record the antics of our little group of gardeners and our experimental garden. Since it is basically facts with a little embellishment
for interest or to express my excitement, I felt safe and not too out there with my “self”.
Then I decided it was time to to start another on Croneing.  Be a little more wild.  Step out there even though I might get stepped on.
You are right – “Because it’s an idea you were so passionate about, it motivated you to begin
this new project — there’s something to that.”   I always wanted to be a wife and mother.
I loved being a wife and mother for many years. Unfortunately, I did so well at it that they
are all off living their live’s quite well. This left me free of all those responsibilities
and the beginning of a new life to create.
Of course, me being me since childhood, I don’t necessarily follow others footsteps. I seem
to not even take the “road less travelled”. No, I get out the machete and go for
trailblazing. And damn, there are a lot of thorns.
So, as I hope to crone, and grow, and create, and just explore, this second blog will be
the place to right some of it down. I’ve lived a lot of great stories so far and haven’t
written them down and they are beginning to float away.
What do I hope to accomplish through this? Other peoples words often hit a chord in me and
help me decide which direction I want to turn, maybe my words might ring true to someone
behind me.  Or maybe my grandchildren’s grandchildren might be interested in an odd woman’s
I do feel like I have accomplished something. I have quit thinking about it and started
blogging. Wherever it takes me, however well or pathetic I do, I have begun.


Day 3

write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog