from Kate via trish

This is where Kate’s canvas is. She has a growth on her leg that has been diagnosed as not friendly. This is what she said about her painting: Mornin ~ started back in. Seems the emerging creature has been consuming all the mycelium & beneficial microorganisms . The fight is on & they will recalibrate, making quick work of that beastie. and later: felt so good once I got to the canvas & felt empowered after.

Plant or Seed ?

Which came first, the plant or the seed?


in BBC Science Focus Magazine

Forget the chicken and the egg conundrum, this botanical argument has a resolution covering millions of years.

Asked by: Adam King, Huddersfield

The earliest fossils of complex land plants date from around 470 million years ago. They resembled liverworts – a kind of simple moss – and reproduced by releasing spores, which were carried away when it rained.

Spores contain a single cell, whereas a seed contains a multicellular, fertilized embryo that is protected from drying out by a tough coat. These extra features took another 150 million years to evolve, whereupon the first seed-bearing plants emerged. So plants came first, by a long way.