Jo’s Mural

These are pics of the Earth layers, the deep soil, connection of all things, from above to below, and back again, including a yarn about Patriarchal Poison and the results in our Earth 🌎 ⬇️

3 thoughts on “Jo’s Mural”

  1. Oh incredible Jo, hagartistry in the making. Loving the weave of the earths tapestry including all aspects, so powerFull!

    1. Thanks heaps Trisho And thank you Linda for posting my photos xx Yep xx For me those equations – I see patriarchy, man made language and power to gain control. Which for the wheat and other crops in this land around me, there has been such control that the wheat/food is like frankenstein food, made in a science lab – it’s not real anymore – many foods that used to be pure and real are now poison. I see those equations – that poison – getting into our waterways – and being sprayed into our skies. My works often do the duality dance – in this case – between the lucky Country, blessed – and the laid back country losing so much and dying off #ouchitbits xx

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