Coding and Ombre

How did it feel to begin? I am so excited. Still coding but hope to start with the first 3 colors tomorrow. Salt and soil were my offerings to my altar. Please feel free to comment on this or any other post whatever comes to mind, it doesn’t have to even be of the same ilk.

One thought on “Coding and Ombre”

  1. It felt really satisfying bringing the earth to the canvas and the codes, deepening into the Hags garden where the Land meets the Sky. My intention was What does my Hag Garden want me to know? a calling in of sorts and opening. I really felt the magic that is the earth beneath my heels and now I’m ready to have fun and explore all the offerings you have been posting here. So many ideas to play with to explore, I feel like you have opened up a smorgasbord of possibilities and my heads spinning as to which to do first!!

    The call has stirred me to engage more, dig more into what is my relationship with the earth? I’ve not actually done any seed planting yet which makes me think that I m in a process of relearning how and why and right action if that makes sense. To observe the garden as it springs forth and not hurry, wait for the seeds to call me.

    I forgot to say that to mark the spring I actually birthed a new medicine pocket, so far it’s empty and is a container building it’s energy like the soil is a container holding the seeds nourishing them. So many parallels.

    I am fascinated by your salt & soil also the amazing vessel behind it which looks like you’ve captured clouds.

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