Door #2 – The Four Elements

Start at the beginning. Let it all go, be thankful, and go to the four corners, the four directions, dance the medicine circle.

Fire, water, earth, and air. The four elements that are necessary for all life.

That is my next step. Get back to the basic foundation that I believe attaches me to this planet. It took lots of journalling and quiet thinking to break it all down to this. But here I am.

What do you see as a foundation for your life? Atoms, molecules? Stardust? I guess I could go even deeper but this is where I rest right now.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20201002_120609379865692129468361.jpg

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are indeed the four corners of life; life could not possibly flourish or sustain itself without each and every single one of these elements, which we can thus rightfully call the Roots of Life.

I am all fire and water big time so I am adding a feather and a rock to bring in more earth and air for balance.

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