Shifting Into A New Reality – Door # 2

The intention for this journey is to try to shift the energy around us to deal with and integrate all the chaos in the world in a new way and embark on a personal journey of creating a new world and let the old ways go.

I will add to my altar as I go. I have started with some of my most powerful tools from my medicine basket because this journey is going to need all the strength I can find.

It is easy to stay in the same place and keep repeating I don’t understand, i don’t get it, i can’t do anything. Fighting depression, anxiety, PTSD, and just plain despair can be harder. But why not use all that energy to explore new possibilities?

My life will always be a roller coaster. We all have some ups and downs. We have disasters, losses, challenges. Now we have all of them. What is it I need? What is it I want? What do I need to let go? Where can I go from here? How can I live with such upheaval and still be available to love and help others. When it comes down to the bottom line I feel kindness, compassion and love is the bottom line.

My drum, my rattle, the weaving and pine needle basket I made with gifts from the earth. Lavender. A feather, a shell with an offering of tobacco start my altar.

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