The Trees

As a part of the on-going effort to gather and create resilience, I will be sharing two short videos taking a short walk in the woods and using a few collected items for a simple altar.

I am Linda Allen , a 2019 graduate of Color of Woman and a 2019 graduate as a Red Thread Guide. I live in Oregon near the northwest corner on Mist Mountain.  

The Red Thread, to me, is about belonging and connection and celebration and holding my piece; I am stepping out here to share a little of my peace and sanctuary. It is a big step out of the comfort zone but here I stand.

“I am grandmother. I am walking. As I walk, as I walk, the Universe walks with me. “

                    ~from a Rain Dance Ceremony

A lot of us live close to the beauty of Mother Earth and it is easy to take its availability for granted. I am thinking a lot of people don’t have this space close by or can’t get out of it, so I thought I’d share the beauty She shares with me everyday. 

We had snow last week and are expecting more tomorrow and though the trees are still bare there are still little signs of spring  rebirthing. You can even see into the spaces that will soon be hidden by the abundant undergrowth and greenery soon to come. I especially enjoyed the change in the light, the shadow play and the blue blues of the sky. In the Pacific Northwest it is very gray a good amount of the time. 

I share with you these two short videos of scenes from my walk and the simple altar I made with small gifts I found along the way.  I hope you enjoy them.

My challenge to you is to take five minutes and walk around your space inside or out, pick up five or six little items that call to you and place them in a place of honor where you will notice them at certain times of the day and be reminded that Mother Earth has gifted it all to us.

The Trees:

The Gifts:–ypL08k   

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