The Red Thread Way

Unity is when we can all hold our unique threads without anyone else needing to agree, or validate the one we are holding.

Communion can happen when we are brave enough not to think anyone should be holding the one we are holding because it is somehow brighter or better or more true.

When we don’t have to defend our reason for the thread we are holding, but can just hold it in our own way within our own light and our own shadows. And know, this is enough. I am enough. What I do not have in mine, others will have in theirs.

Together we weave a stronger fabric, not because we are all the same, but because we all bring different colors and strengths to the weave. All of us are needed, all of us that choose to contribute to the great fabric matrix of humanity. Your consent to weave with the rest of us, with an intent to heal and make beautiful, is all that is needed.

So bring the colorful threads you have woven with your own hands of life. I shall bring mine, which are the red of blood and the love for earth and all beings. My threads are from the hem of Her garment, which goes on forever….

Excerpted from: Way of the Red Thread

(editing latest edition now)

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