And Then

#28 – I can’t believe I completed this challenge!

No, I am not dead yet.
And this body of work, 28 poems, proves it
at least to me.

No, I have walked through the fire,
I have committed to continue on,
I still have things to say.

No, I am not invisible.
See me. Read me.
It may not be much, but it is something from inside of me.

No, I will not give up.
I know it will not be an everyday thing
at least, in writing, but the poems will be coursing inside.

No, I didn’t stop
though some days I should have
and some days it was like digging bones.

No, it was not easy.
dredging up thoughts and ideas
but the words kept coming.

No ordinary dreams did I remember.
They hid themselves no matter
the begging and beseeching and pleading and conjuring.

No, I do not rhyme.
Writing and reading and becoming
Many days stuck in my craw.

No, my words don’t sing
and sometimes the object of the message is lost
but the other hand was there to help me.

No, I am not dead yet.
Despite what rumours there are.
I walk the edge and try not to expose myself too much.

How can not one jump for joy
when learning new words like ekphrastic and Galimaufry
and laugh over opscheplooper.

No, I am not dead yet.
I now have aeipathy, a continued passion
that will ebb and flow like the tide and come and go with the moon.

No, I will not die yet.
There is too much truth and fiction to record,
and I still have to deal with rhyme.

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