A confused jumble is my life.
A medley of things describes my pile of good things I might use someday
(never to be found when actually needed).
A mess, my house (too busy playing with the above medley).
A hodgepodge of flowers in my garden.

A deranged, disarray of dishevelment is my worldd.
I didn’t know there was a word for it.

An assortment of fabric,
A conglomeration of yarn,
A mishmash of miscellaneous
from eyeballs to feathers,
books, magazines and recipes
Are combined into my mixture of treasures.

All of this clutter and chaos and disorganized mess,
This scramble, this upset, is what I love best.
The potpourri, this muddle of things,
This galimaufry, the hurricane’s eye,
this goulash, creates my concoctions,
Creates beauty, and nourishes me.

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