Exposing Myself

I couldn’t resist
I was out in the middle of nowhere
There was a huge thunder storm
It was a new place
Adrenalin was flowing through my veins.

The rain was pouring down in “buckets”
The air was thick and warm
I’d always wondered if you could shower in a downpour
And how exhilarating it would feel.

I get the soap
Big mistake
Strip off my clothes
Exposing myself to all of nature.
Big step, leap, jump.

I felt like what a flower might feel
All its delicateness and beauty
Ravaged by the beating, pelting water
giving life and/or death
Depending on how strong you are.

Can I stand it?
Do I feel the energy pulsing?
The air is electrifying.
Is this not a life force to contend with?

I feel like Athena
ready for war.
Then my mind returns
to point out that
1. There is also lightning and you are standing in a puddle
2. You are naked and not even close to a flower
3. There is not enough water to rinse the soap off no matter what you thought!

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