The Other Hand

I can type with the other hand,
I can play the piano,
I can knit with the other hand,
I can do tai chi.
I can use the other hand for support,
I can even brush my hair,
but I can not write with my other hand.

When I was in school many years ago
I used to try. The results were appalling.
I gave it up. I didn’t want another D in handwriting
because I used the other hand.

When I attempt to use the other hand now
I slow down. I pay attention to the details.
I have no expectations. The process
forces me to breathe (or pass out).

When I use the other hand
it gives me more time to think
you probably can’t read it though
i bet children could.

It almost looks like art.
I even wrote in straight lines
the letters though are very shaky
trying to make their way into making sense.

Over compensation with very rounded form
and trouble in the connections.
Oh, oh, some breakthrough moments here.
No, I cannot write with the other hand.

I think I may try more often to see what else I have to say.

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