Sticks in my Craw

“I just don’t know what to do,”

she says.  And on and on

she goes telling me all

the sordid details.  “Do you?”


Weve talked of this very same situation

a thousand times.  Over and over

starting with tears and ending

with a new plan and almost elation.


But, alas, she didn’t really want any advice

or even a different way to attempt

she really only desires validation and justification

to return to the same old vice.


Just like manning the booth at the fair

with a sign that says we will help

answer your gardening questions

and donate time to research with care.


But it wasn’t the answer they expected

Nor what they had planned to do

Since we didn’t agree with their perspective

Our carefully put together solutions are never directed.


The lesson learned and moral of this story

Is even when asked for advice

Beware!  That isn’t at all what someone is looking for

And you will end up far, far from glory.


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