#6 Beseech
Beg, beseech, besiege, conjure, entreat, imp-lore, plead, pray
To my muse Uandi:
I am begging you
I am down on my knees (not a pretty sight)
I promise I will be good and faithful and loyal!
I am lying on the floor like the kids
in the grocery aisle
kicking and screaming
and sobbing with big gulps in between.
Uandi, Uandi,
Please Uandi.
I promise I won’t ask for another thing.
I won’t tell anyone.
give me those words.
I promise I will write them down
as they show up
even if I can’t make sense of them.
I will do anything if you will help.
I promise I won’t listen to the chatter in my head
or even the troublemaker on my shoulder telling me lies.
Puleezzzz, I say wiping the snot off my face with my sleeve.
I – I- ju- just -n- need – your- your- help
to tell the truth.
I am begging you !!!!!!!!!
I promise to try to spell correctly or look it up
I will even use some grammar, if possible (or not)
Punctuation? Well, you tell me.
Just please, please, pretty please
flow through me
and turn my pictures into words.
Thank you.
Love ya

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