Comfort/Prayer Shawls

Here are the first two items for sale to fund The Kindling Project.

Both shawls are wool. The first one with more orange in it has a variegated red hand dyed hand spun yarn and is knitted.$45

The second mostly red with an orange trim is crocheted. $35

Made for The Kindling Project: Intentional Act of Kindness #23 . The Mission of The Kindling Project is giving just a little bit to help someone follow their creative passion.

Kindling definition: Tinder; material for starting a fire, awakening, ignition.

How many of us may have started sooner on following or bliss if we just had the money for the paint, or supplies, or web page or canvas or writing workshop. I’ve been there so many times. Every little bit helps.

So I will be periodically selling some of my wares specifically to fund this project.

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