t-1150420__340Thank you.  Please.  You are welcome.  Such important words that seem to have been left by the wayside.  This goes back to Thou, I think.  We have forgotten the Thou, when people were more respected as a living, breathing, amazing human being and nature as well, and now too often are just an obstacle to get past to our next appointment.  Again, it takes only a second or two to be polite and it is a kindness that ripples.  You can touch many people in the ripple effect by intentionally thanking people and meaning it.  Watch them smile and if you have time watch how they treat the next person.  Your kindness inspires others to be kind as well.

And, of course, there is Time.  Give a little time each day, or week, or month to others.  Stop doing whatever it is you think you have to do and and find an intentional act of kindness you could do for another.  We are all in this together.  Every one could use help in some way.  Spend some time figuring out what that thing is and then take action.

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