Invite someone to go in front of you in line at the cash register.  Invite someone to go to coffee.  Invite someone to come to dinner.  Invite someone to go on a picnic or ride along to the library.  Send hand written invitations to parties instead of texting or FB.  Invite someone who lives alone to holiday feast.

2 thoughts on “I”

  1. I enjoyed reading through your A to Z posts so far and they are thought-provoking. US is cultured differently, so some things are entirely inappropriate here, but there’s plenty that can be adapted. It’s of course important to remember that while one means well and with all best intentions, one persons idea of what might be helpful might not be the kind of help the individual actually finds helpful. Too frequent offering can cause unnecessary distress to the individual in need. But at least they would know they can ask. (I’m responding their to much a earler point in your series I think). And in the place you live you can help in very small ways indirectly, by spending time gardening while kids playing in the streets so there’s adult presence in the neighbourhood, picking up litter around and about, taking a stroll and saying hallo to other neighbours – many things don’t require money and you’ve offered a really good helping of suggestions. Sorry for long catch-all commentary. Hope you’re enjoying the challenge – the lettering you’ve used is very nice and it makes a nice change to see something a bit different. Best wishes for completing the month’s challenge. i’ll visit again around the weekend and read some more of your posts.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Colette. Yes, I agree, thinking things out before acting is definitely required. I have a friend confined to a wheel chair that can not tolerate people not asking if they can help but just grabbing her chair and pushing her. They think they are helping. She feels her chair as an extension of her body and as such does not want it touched unless she asks or gives permission.

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