Give generously.  Give compliments more than complaints.  Give as large a tip to those serving you as you can.  Sometimes when I have a little extra, I put a generous tip on the bill and then hide another $5, 10, 20, once while traveling a $100 bill under the plate and leave.  Buy $5 gift cards for coffee, or gas, or books, or whatever you might want to share; carry them with you and when the time is right give them out.  Give some time to a good cause – soup kitchen, wrapping gifts, weeding.  I was so surprised to find that public memorials and school yards and churches, senior centers could use volunteers to help weed.  They may pay for yard work but the edges can always use tending.  Can’t do meals on wheels, there is a place to donate a gas card.  The volunteers that are driving are usually donating their own gas.  Help them out even though you can’t be there.  And go back to the letter A……ASK around.  You will be amazed how many people are struggling with little things that you could help with. Everyone could use some kindness.

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