Flowers, of course.  Not everybody loves flowers, but you could give a potted plant, or a flowery card.  There are so many ways you could make someone smile with flowers.  You could plant a tree in memory of someone you love and make yourself smile.  You could help a child plant a seed to watch it grow.  It’s spring, which means the wildflowers are out.  When you were a child you thought nothing of picking a dandelion and giving it to someone.  And once took it from you it didn’t matter what they did with it, even if they threw it away.  It was the act of giving and receiving that was important.  Send a packet of seeds to a gardening friend anonymously in the mail.  These days snail mail is mostly advertisements. A card with a packet of seeds would be nice, wouldn’t it?  I think so anyway.   Buy a bunch of flowers at the grocery store and pass them out one by one.  Watercolor some flowers on note cards, it’s easy, just put some colors and water in blobs and pretend.  Then write some affirmations on them and give them out or leave them in various places for someone to find.  If you like to take pictures, take pictures of flowers and glue them on.  If you don’t have time or are not inclined, then take the pic with your phone and message them or instagram them.  You may never know how many people got a little jolt in their day from that daffodil photo but do it anyway.  Especially in these days of craziness a flower goes a long way.  Yes, it is the thought that counts but you have to follow through with that thought and do something.  Be creative with whatever time or energy you may have at the moment.

2 thoughts on “F”

  1. I love random actions -I work in a gallery and sometimes the flowers are no longer alright for selling so they have to be given away and I love handing a bunch to a stranger walking by. we give with one hand and receive with the other thats why we have two hands. simple isnt it?

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