Do Dessert anonymously.  On your way out the door after finishing your meal, pay for the dessert tray to go to someone else just getting started.  A stranger, yes.  Feeling really loaded, pay for their whole meal (you can specify up to a certain amount).  Some ladies I know will pay for the local police or EMT’s or people in uniform if they see them out eating while on duty.  Dessert is usually an extra cost so a family who might skip the dessert will make their kids very happy.  Or back to the baking bread, you can make dessert, cookies, cake, fudge (Yum) and share it as well.

2 thoughts on “D”

  1. beautiful acts of generosity and kindness,
    funny I wrote in the challenge for C – a crones heart ..and then I found you.
    pay it forward as they say-

    1. Thank you dear one. I went and looked. Loved it. I will be writing again soon about a theory that there is still another stage after crone if we choose to go there.

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