Exploring Intentional Acts of Kindness Within the Red Thread Circle

Welcome.  My name is Linda.  I am not a “bluebird of happiness” so my piece of the red thread is balancing my shadow walk on the edge of this earthly realm with the sparkle, glitter and stardust of the cosmos as my Red Thread teachers would say.

“There are many ways to change the world – worlds within, worlds untold – or simply a Blue Planet we have all yet to embrace as Home.  Some whisper.  Some wait.  Some hold the space for change. and some push through… We are all in it together, this mad, whirling dance of chaos, each playing a role dependent on the other. ” from We-Moon by The Sky Priestess 2016

I wanted to stay in isolation safe from that chaos but learning The Way of the Red Thread and using it as a container and a connection with others kept calling me.  The sisterhood is stepping out of the shadows and we all already belong.  We don’t need to become something, we already are all we need to be.  Each one of us has our own piece of the red thread, a part of the whole circle, a unique place to hold our own space.

Harold Kushner said, “When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.”

Random Acts of Kindness are one way of accomplishing this goal.  Just imagine what Intentional Acts of Kindness done by every one of us every day could contribute to that change, that shift.

There are many stories in many cultures throughout history about the red thread.  In one Buddhist practice it is said that tying of red string bracelets will realign energy and restore natural order as it connects people more closely to each other, their ancestors, those still to come and all humanity.

The red thread signifies the life force.  My piece and each of yours signifies what we choose to do with that sacred life force.

An ancient Chinese legend says those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth.  It may stretch or tangle but never breaks.  We continually shorten the distance until we are face to face.  I believe you are exactly who I am supposed to be standing with today.

My intention entering this red thread circle with you, now, is about using Intentional Acts of Kindness to shift our energies serving each other and the world and by doing so, perhaps ever so slightly, shift the energy of the world.

I am virtually passing the red thread to you and you are passing it to the person entering beside you.  Being a virtual circle allows us to call in any others we would like to include as well.  We step in to our unique space and place in the circle.  Imagine this yarn ball in your hands.  Speak your heart’s love and kindness into it, watch it grow and pulsate as it passes from one to the next and all those who come after us.  Add your wise words, blessings and prayers from your inner self to be heard from now until forever.

Cut or break your piece off from the red ball and wrap it around you ( or your finger, hair, wrist), remembering this red thread connects you with all of us.  If you are floundering, just give it a little tug and know that you are supported, loved and witnessed.  Know as you cut your piece that this is your place to hold and the only piece of the circle that you are responsible for, because your sisters are taking care of the rest.  It is your absolutely unique piece that you and only you can are here for, to tend, to nourish and keep sacred, and necessary for the completion of the circle.

Today, ask yourself, “What made me smile today? What Intentional Act of Kindness will I do today?”

If we can ask ourself these two questions every day I think we can indeed begin a shift in humanity.  “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop

Do an intentional act of kindness today – a smile, a hug, open the door for someone.  Take action and encourage others to do the same.  Pass it on.

Howard Zinn said, “We don’t have to engage in grand heroic actions to participate in the process of change.  Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

Let’s do this.

There are numerous web sites on acts of kindness and gratitude.  Everyone is not the “bluebird of happiness” but everyone is capable of a smile or a thank you and most of us are capable of so much more.  Just slow down and look for the opportunities.

I would love for you to share any new ideas for us to try, and what made you smile, as well.  No matter where you are in life, no matter how big or small your act may be, if we all do it with intention, everyday, I promise you will feel different and it will matter!

“Do more than belong, participate. Do more than care, help.  Do more than believe, practice. Do more than be fair, be kind.  Do more than forgive, forget.  Do more than dream, work.”  W A Ward

Cheerlead others endeavors

Adopt a GO FUND Me

Give a Kiva loan

Listen – sit down and lend an ear with no judgement

Bake bread for the neighbors (or cookies, or a whole meal)

Take your dog to town, sit on a bench, and watch people smile.  Better yet, let them pet her/him. You will be blessed with their pet stories as well.

Compliment, compliment, compliment.  It’s easy to complain, remember to tell people they did good.

Tip as big as you can.

Give a party for the heck of it.

Leave affirmation and gratitude cards around town (after coloring and decorating them and having fun)

Share your story.

Plant seeds.

Make it happen, make it so.


One thought on “Exploring Intentional Acts of Kindness Within the Red Thread Circle”

  1. I have never heard of this legend of red thread. Interesting! I do believe we are all connected in some way and that acts of kindness often lead to other acts of kindness.

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