Found – One Wild Columbine

Yes, it’s true.  I was down at the pond on the lower property and found one, wild, beautiful columbine.  I love them.  They look too intricate to be wild.

There is so much logging going on all the way around us that we are quickly becoming the last stand.  It is very sad to see such pillage, all in the name of money.  Let’s skim the money off the top and then sell.  Some of these blocks have changed company owner’s six and seven and eight times in just 30 years.  I am glad that Oregon demands replanting.   I may not see it all grow back but I am seeing some grow from little sticks 8 years ago to now above my head which gives me a little hope.




All of the open meadow beyond the pond has been logged.  The pond used to be hidden in the dark recesses of the “woods”  and now will be getting lots of sun which will change the entire eco-system around it.  Every “little” move made ripples out and touches so many other things.  We need to be more careful of what we do to this world.

Water is life.



Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the





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