My Niece Who Never Asks For Anything

This is my niece.  She is the kindest person I know except for her mother.  That must be where she got it from eh?

She is a strong woman raising a lovely family.

She has chosen to follow this path and I know she will do great things in her way, so I  want to support her on her path, which is why I am posting her go fund me page.  Every $ will help her on her way.  I challenge those who know her to give up just one coffee and send her $5.  It all adds up. She is worth it.  It is time to stand by each other and our dreams, we can make it happen.

“Hi, I’m Meagan. Married, hard working mom of 3. Jesus lover. Coffee lover. Worship lover. I go through my days feeling like I’m nothing special. But God says differently. I have an opportunity to embark on an amazing journey over the next year, going deeper with God, our relationship and with ministry. I feel God calling me…and I said “God, if you want me there I need a financial miracle.” And my Aunt said….start a Go Fund Me. Which I’m having a very hard time doing and asking for something…..but sometimes miracles happen when you ask. So here I am, humbling myself. The course itself is $625 and books are an additional $50-$75. I need to have a down payment of
$75 in by 1/21/17 and will need to pay $185 at that same time. I can make an additional $185 payment a month later, and the final $185 the following month through a payment plan.
Within the last year I have felt God calling me deeper…but I often say ‘but I’m just me.’ How many times in the bible did God use the least of the smallest of tribes? I’m here to say YES God. Not meeting this goal will not keep me from saying yes….it would just be on a smaller platform and more on my own time which……as a working mom of 3 would take much longer than having classes and deadlines to push me. If you’ve read this far, thank you. If you give anything, bless you! And if you roll your eyes….I would have too, before. But my word for this year is Confidence……and sometimes you have to step out to step up. So here I am, all in, waiting to see what God does. You can go to to see what it is about!
Help spread the word!”


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