Lĭve Līve

Yes, another art journal class.  First, you pick one of three prompts.  Then, you write as long as you can about it.  Next, you read through it later and highlight what words, phrases jump out at you.  Lastly you put those word/phrases in a pleasing to you order.  And voila, you have a poem.  Actually it was kind of fun once I finally started writing about the prompt I picked out, Live, I couldn’t stop  writing.  The fact that there was a double pronunciation for the word I just went crazy.

Lĭve Līve
Live in the moment
Breathe in the moment
Touch, taste, hear, see and smell it all

Lĭve Līve
Soak up the Rain
Become a tree
Be the Ocean
Be present
Be a present
Be in joy
awe and wonderment
many lifetimes.

Lĭve Līve
Dive Deeply
Feel the Earth
Celebrate it, decorate it, be it.
Look up
Do what you want to do
Don’t tape it,don’t film it,don’t edit it
No reruns
Follow your instinct

Lĭve Līve



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