The Next Stage

Today I heard on one of the vimeo’s, ( I am  sorry I can’t remember which one to give credit where credit is due), these words:

“Don’t shut down.  Stay open to the Possibilities.”

It definitely hit home.  As you get deeper into croneing, there come times when you just want to say ‘to hell with it’, sit down in your chair, or stay in bed, and just start rolling down the other side of the all the mountains of life.  Shut down.  Be done.  No more expanding.  No more exploring.  No more awe and wonder.  Just embrace your “old” (older? self?), sit in a rocking chair, and watch the world go by on it’s merry way.

But I am determined to define the next stages.  I do not want to shut down.  There are way too many possibilities.  So, I guess the next stage is to Stay Open, Pay Attention, Look Around, Wander Around, and hope the possibilities find me if I don’t have the energy to search them out.

Below:  My inner child practice.


Added note:

Tonight I read:

“Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

                                     Tell about it.”        ~Mary Oliver

Well, In my mind, that’s pretty clear.

2 thoughts on “The Next Stage”

    1. Thanks Fimnora. I have to keep reminding myself as well. I am learning more of the ebb and flow of life as it applies to my life. I am understanding that it’s okay and nothing to feel guilty about.

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