What’s happening on Mist Mountain?  A Walk Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

y with words

Yarrow apparently comes in many colors.  Here it is yellow.

'Moonshine' yarrow

I haven’t had any for  a while.  I did find both pink and white varieties and may plant them this year for variety.

So, I’ll push my alphabetic limits again.  I found Yellow Skunk Cabbage listed and we do have that. Lots of it. Down at our pond.  It is one of the signs of spring around here.  Apparently you can buy it at nurseries.  Why I am not sure as it grows rampant in this very wet country. Oh, and the reason it is called Skunk cabbage is that it stinks. That is probably the reason it has no listed pests or diseases.

LYSICHITON americanus


7 thoughts on “Yarrow”

    1. Yes, I think that is why April is a pretty wondrous month, when things start blooming again. It is almost startling after coming out of the dark gray winters.

  1. Yarrow is another one of my faves, although I’ve only grown the yellow. I think I’d like to try the pink as well. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Yellow Skunk Cabbage, but for such an apparently stinky thing, she certainly is lovely.

    1. All the skunk cabbage is mostly yellow around here. I enjoy looking at it from afar because it is one of the first colors in the spring in the vast greenness of the forest so it shows up pretty vividly.

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