Winter Thyme

What’s happening on Mist Mountain?  A Walk Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

w with words

The winter thyme truly does grow in the winter.  It dies back some but you can always find at least a few sprigs of green.  It is called a ground cover many times.  I think it would be lovely planted between the rocks or bricks on a path so you could smell it as you walked.

In the kitchen thyme goes into almost everything, and adds a Mediterranean, old world flair.

There is also some wintergreen mint in the garden, but this month it is still just brown sticks.  The peppermint is getting some green leaves but the wintergreen seems to be a little more wimpy if you can describe any mint as wimpy.  But it does take longer to  leaf out and it usually fades away faster and grows slower than the other mints.


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