Tulips and Trillium

What’s happening on Mist Mountain?  A Walk Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

t with words

A tip for tulip and all bulb flower lovers: Buy the plants after they have lost their bloom and end up in the sale bin.  Last year, I bought several small pots of tulips that were scrapped at the local store because they were starting to lose their petals for 5o cents each.  When I got home to plant them, I found about 6 small bulbs in each pot.  In case you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, that comes to 8.3333333333333333 cents each.  This April I have beautiful vibrant red to look at before the last frost is even gone.


And then there is my favorite wildflower peeking out along the sides of the driveway and yard.  The trillium.  I so would love to transplant these into the garden but they do not transfer well and are protected in many areas, which makes them even more special when they grow all around you. The bloom doesn’t last very long so I keep an eye out this time of year so I don’t miss them.  This year they are blooming at the same time as the wild bleeding hearts and the elderberries making a beautiful sight for a spring walk around Mist Mountain.


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