What’s happening on Mist Mountain ?  A Walk-Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

d with words

The daffodils are in full bloom up here at almost 1300 feet, even though down in the “lowlands of town” they are almost gone.  The bright yellow is stimulating after nothing but green and brown all winter.  It wakes me up out of my winter stupor and screams, “Hello, get busy, you have a mess out here to get ready.  There really is a garden over here.”

I haven’t collected a lot of history of this area yet.  Perhaps another year that can be a project, but I have heard that there was once quite a few people living up here, and even a cedar shake mill.  You can tell where there might have been houses or cabins because you will come across big clumps of daffodils in the woods.  Once a homestead, now long gone, but the daffodils keep growing and multiplying to mark the possibilities.

And now the other yellow emerges.  Everywhere.  All at once.  Marking it’s own event.  Time to get the lawnmower running, here come the dandelions.  My dandelion queen friend who can’t stand to leave one in any lawn would have a heyday up here.  She would never win.And, they are another of the first bee friendly blooms of the season.



3 thoughts on “Daffodils”

    1. I don’t know, but I have noticed that there have been some posts this year on Facebook educating (I hope) that they shouldn’t spray them because they are on of the first sources of food for the bees. Thanks for visiting.

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