Chives and Carrots

What’s happening on Mist Mountain ?  A Walk-Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

c with words

Chives keep on giving almost all year round and can be used in almost every dish.  Maybe late January into February they die back but, as you see, by April they are ready to start harvesting again.

Right next to the chives are carrots coming up.  Last fall I let a carrot go to seed.  It gets huge with big white flowers resembling Queen Anne’s Lace.  This winter I pulled it and hung it upside down outside to dry.  Late January i shook some of the seeds into the dirt just because, and look, baby carrot sprouts.

Oh, and one more big thing here on the hill, C is for chickens.  But I think I will save them to go with E is for Eggs.  Don’t want to mess with the question which came first so I will put them both on the same page.  Ha!



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