April 2016 A-Z Challenge

What’s happening on Mist Mountain ?  A Walk-Around in April, a very unpredictable month.

a with words

One of two Artichokes and five out of ten Asparagus starts made it through the winter.  There wasn’t too much cold and I finally found a sort of sheltered spot for them.  This is the first year for the asparagus so none to eat for two more seasons.

The Artichoke is up almost two feet.


And a beautiful day and blue sky to boot.



4 thoughts on “April 2016 A-Z Challenge”

  1. Simply Wonderful.
    Coming by from A-Z.
    Naila Moon of:
    Reading Authors-http://readingauthors.blogspot.com/
    Just the Stuff Ya Know-http://yaknowstuff.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you for visiting. Yes, I have been trying for quite a few years and finally I can get them to grow as long as we don’t have too much cold and snow.

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