Puppy Madness

By now you probably realize I am doing less blogging in words and more in pictures.  Part of that is because I communicate better in art than in word, but most of it this spring is because of the new puppy in the house.  My Spring madness is all about puppy.  Our life is all about puppy.  Every move is about puppy.  The princess.  We get up when she gets up, we go outside when she wants to go outside, we play tag team when doing chores at home and in town so she won’t be alone ( 1/2 lonely baby, 1/2 might tear something up).

It’s been a long time since there’s been any pet in the house and even longer since a baby one.  What a huge, time consuming, challenging, lovely mess.  The house is strung with toys, baby blankets at every chair, little bits of puppy food escaped from the bowl to step on with bare feet,  dumped water bowls.  The car is filled with preparedness from towels for wet muddy feet to treats, extra dog food, extra chew toy, extra leash and collar, crate ( which she has not used yet, and not to forget the water bottle in case we hit the desert.

Our house is upside down, our schedule is upside down, our social life is gone for the time being, but being immersed her world for the time being is like being on vacation with no thought of anything as mundane as the world around us.  Hilarious!



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