Two old style dream catchers.  Very simple in celebration of the first day of spring.

The daffodils are finally in full bloom on Mist Mountain and I can see a dot of red out in the garden that will soon be the first tulip out.  The herbs are starting to regrow and fluff up as well.  I was out cleaning up the rainhouse and the rosemary, thyme, and oregano smelled lovely when I would brush up against them.  Outside the door the  chives have grown up enough to start cutting and the lemon balm out in the middle of the round garden could be snipped as well.

I still have  to refrain from doing much out in the gardens because things are so wet still.  That’s okay.  I really don’t have the energy/motivation  yet anyway.  I would rather sit with a hot cup of coffee  and watch things happening  from inside, at least for a few more days.  There’s too much work out there.

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