You know that feeling when you have not one more bit of anything left in you to do not one more thing, even turn a page or write a blog?  I’m there. Absolutely exhausted. We went out of town for maybe 36 hours and it will probably take at least 56 hours to recuperate.  That’s one of the hard things to get used to in the latter years – a shorter time for living and if you live too hard you have to use some of precious minutes, hours, days recuperating.   Recharge for the next adventure.

How in the hell did I ever manage to run a household, a farm, and a job or two, and still visit, do art, have fun, all at once?  Getting rid of the house, the farm, and the jobs helps. Thank goodness  for retirement.  More time to play!!!! And Nap! Luckily, Tyke agrees. Goodnight.



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