It’s All Good

Yes, we are up to our ears in baby puppy. Yes, it is definitely exhausting after so long with no responsibilities. Yes, it is worth it, I think.

We’ve been on several excursions and it brings back so many memories of raising the children, though I was not anywhere near as neurotic.  I have decided I need a diaper bag. No, we need no diapers, but a way to carry her water and bowl and food and blanket and chew toy and blankie and collar and short leash and long leash and towel to wipe feet and scoop bags and whatever else I am forgetting.

We are pathetically in love with this adorable ball of fur which makes it all good despite the lack of sleep and potty training at our age.  The fly on the wall is laughing hysterically.

We have decided to pretend we are off on puppy vacation and don’t even try to get anything done for this first week of bonding.  We just pour ourselves some coffee and spend the rest of the day giving her our undivided attention.  Not really a bad thing, some people sip mint juleps, some people bask in the sun, some people watch paint dry, we watch the puppy grow.

It’s all good.


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