Playing in Shaving Foam

This exercise from Mandala Magic 2016 involved shaving foam and ink.  My foam didn’t foam but I messed around with it anyway.   Of course, it is done on more circles.  I am going to have to go find some working foam and try it again.  It was quite enjoyable watching the colors do what they wanted instead of me trying to force them to work.  I think that was the object of the exercise.  Let go of your control.  Let it go.  Let go.


2 thoughts on “Playing in Shaving Foam”

  1. What wonderful, cosmic effects you’ve created Lindalh, even with not~so~good foam. I did this last year and dragged paper across the surface ~ that didn’t come out too well 😉 But, like you, I’m learning to ‘let go’ of the need for perfection ~ which is just as well, considering my results so far! LOL! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jacqueline. I agree. I am finally being able to quiet the thoughts of need for anything. It is so ingrained in us to seek approval, or perfection, or whatever it may be. It is harder than I thought to let go of it all. But it feels so right.

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