Keeping Up

I am having trouble keeping up with the daily bloggies and keeping it interesting.  The time seems to fly by so fast everyday.  I did, however, finish the borders on a quilt today, and collected 6, yes I said SIX, eggs today.  The new chicks are starting to lay.  They must have loved the sun yesterday as well.  Sadly, it is now raining again.  I enjoy the rain as well, but blue skies are so motivating.

I am not ready to give up on writing something everyday, it is still a noteworthy endeavor, so this is my short note.


One thought on “Keeping Up”

  1. That’s good … that you’re not ready to give up. I’m still in it — had some trouble, where I lost my whole list of blogs I follow. Still feeling good about my little morning routine 🙂

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