Soul Searching and Paint Chips

Art and writing challenge of the week.

Pick out some paint chips you love:


They usually have wonderful names.  Oh, yes, mine definitely do.

Southern Belle, Blazing Orchid, Stiletto Heels and Drama Queen.

Then write a story with those names.  Don’t think too much just write it down.

My life seems to attract both Drama Queens and Southern Belles, sometimes both in one package.  Though I have never been in a position to act in either role because I was always in survival mode, if nothing else, they are passionate.

The Drama Queen in her Stiletto Heels prancing, sucking us in with that click, click, click down the hall.  It draws you in and then, WHAM, broadsides you.  You stand there stunned that you fell for the come-on yet again, and now are uncentered, unabalanced, nauseus, angry, lost, confused and the Queen of Drama has left the building.

Then, the Southern Belle swoops in with a Blazing Orchid behind her ear to remind you of her “delicate vulnerability ” that you assume and enable.  You know you are going to get squashed like a bug in the end, or, become road kill , and yet, you still stand there mesmerized by the headlights as she watches in her rear view mirror laughing, rearranging her blazing orchid and looks for her next victim.

Is it the danger or the hope of a different outcome that keeps me returning?  Is it envy, morbid fascination, or masochism?

Hmmmmm.  Last step, a simple ( as in minimal) collage with the chips included for the story.  The first magazine I picked up, in the first ten pages I found both Drametta and Scarlet and a few words and my illustration was born:




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