MG Coffee

Today was coffee with fellow master gardeners.  The holidays caused a longer wait for this event.  Tonight I am exhausted from  all the talking and so sated.  This small group of friends has bonded and become family.  Long after we we passed our community garden on to others, we still meet and discuss our personal gardens as well as our critters, grandchildren, and anything else on our mind.


Now, my mind is once again filled with garden plans and seed catalogs.  At least I was able to resist the pots of primroses and pansies that the owner of the coffee shop was hauling in right past my table, teasing me with thoughts of spring when actually the worst part of our winter has not hit yet.

It is supposed to perhaps snow this weekend, but now I have more inspiration to keep me busy planning while waiting, waiting, waiting for the sun.  In the Pacific Northwest, that is a very short time slot.

Oh, and very Happy Birthday to my daughter!


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