I do not like Lemonade

No matter how much sugar you add to the lemons,  I still do not like lemonade.  Today , I read something about taking what has been dealt to you and allowing it to make you better not bitter.  I am afraid it all hit me the wrong way and I have been on a rant all day. Sorry, Carey, I didn’t mean to screw with your positive thought waves.

Yes, I agree you should not dwell on the crap, but, I also believe that all is not so black and white.  There are other options.  Walking away, walking around, flying over, swimming around, taking a whole different route, making coffee instead. ( I do not like lemonade,  remember?)

The latest euphemism that sends me on a similar rant is ” It is what it is”.  Argh!  No, only if you chose to accept IT.  Try something new, different, out of the box, anything for a new and different perspective.  Do not give in.

Complacency is not the answer. To me, not choosing to do anything is enabling myself.  I have finally learned to recognize when I am enabling others (eventually), and I am beginning to see the ways we enable ourselves.  It is easier than the hard work it takes to change course.  Or maybe it is like the people that go out on the jetty to watch for the title wave.    That is actually a subject I should devote to another rant.

Long story short, I do not like lemonade, I shall sit here and continue to drink my coffee and work on a plan for my labyrinth.



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