Much To-do about Nothing

What is wrong with doing nothing?

We spend our lives trying to fill in spaces of time so we are busy, productive, doing something.  No matter what, do not sit around and do nothing!  That’s lazy, trouble, unproductive, slovenly, a waste of time.

What are we a-void-ing?  The void?  The blackness and stillness where we must meet ourselves.  Or is it just that we don’t want to have to come up with a reason to explain our complete lack “busy”.

When you are raising children, you dream of sitting and doing nothing.  When you are working all the time, you hope for a vacation so you can sit around and do nothing.  When you finally do nothing, you think of all the things you should be doing; therefore, not really doing nothing.

Years ago a man told me Fantasies were wonderful and meant to be unfulfilled because in their fulfillment “nothing” is left.  Does that mean that sitting around doing nothing can not be fulfilled because you are then left with nothing?

How, then, can I truly enjoy sitting around doing nothing?  By filling it with the some-things I love; reading, writing, knitting, journaling, spinning, gardening, weaving, sewing, cooking, visiting, drawing, painting, thinking of all these absurd things to blog……….


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