My e-mail keeps growing.  I read it, browse it, delete it, yet the list keeps growing.  It is “the blob”; growing, spreading, sticking goo wherever it goes.  I can junk it, I can unsubscribe, I can divide it between several sites, but a clean mailbox only occurs 1 or 2 minutes every couple of months.

If my art and blogging and other pursuits grew at the same rate per hour, I would be in bliss.

But, I keep checking it and clearing it, and trying to make sure I don’t miss anything important.  I guess it is good practice in discipline, patience, and order.

The Black Hole of Eternal E-mail


One thought on “E-mail”

  1. I like to have a tidy Inbox too. Only two, three at the most, sitting there … the ones I haven’t responded to.

    In general, though, I think I’m getting less email. Written messages from people, that is. Most people seem to communicate via FB-messages, text, Skype and so on. I kind of miss the real email 🙂

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